RIS expert review based learning solution helps to minimize the complexity, cost and skill set to identify and resolve customer experience. infrastructure and IT systems issues thru unified data management and intelligent analysis.

Customer experience analytics:

Helps to minimize customer experience issues and negatively impacting customer activities.

Improve high value customer experience.

Prioritize performance and fault fixes based on customer experience impact.

Integrate from across customer activities and responses, business performance and faults and performance.

Infrastructure performance and fault analytics

Helps to identify, root cause analysis and resolve complex technical care problem.

minimize technical skill set and cost to fix technical issues.

automate issue identify and root causes analysis.

Integrate complex SLA, performance and alarm data from large and complex network of infrastructure elements.

IT systems and application maintenance and failure analytics

Helps to minimize the complexity of routine IT systems maintenance activities.

Automate issue identification and root cause analysis.

Minimize technical skill set, cost and time to resolve performance issues.

Integrate IT system performance and failures data from across heterogeneous systems.

Cross domain analytics

helps to correlate business performance with technical care issues.

identify impact of technical care issues and root cause for business performance issues.

Prioritize technical issues to improve likely hood of sales contact success, retention rate.

Unified environment

integrated view of customer, product, service, infrastructure and IT systems elements configuration and relationships, SLA, performance and alarms and systems errors/warnings.

Pin point - What are the issues, Where are the located, What are the root causes and resolutions.