Current Challenges

Growth and expansion of digital technology into industrial, medical, network and health care equipment's

Dealing with maintaining diverse vendor specific equipment's.

Adoption to new technology, dealing with short equipment life cycle.

High manual maintenance costs , lack of skillset and time it takes to fix and return to functionality (RTF).

Maintenance activities including detecting abnormality, repeat failures, malfunction, unknown issues – needs be addressed fast.

Disjointed data and not every data point is available for detection. One has to deal with only available data points to identify.


To deal with large and complex set of network of equipment generating performance, error messages and failure data

Failure happening anywhere in the network of equipment’s will degrade the performance

How RIS AI can help?

Analyze large and diverse set of contextual performance characteristics, alarms, faults, failures in an integrated environment.

Adapt to changing situations. product, service and resource or equipment changes.

Use learning through historic and expert knowledge input.

Automate repeat issue resolution through historical data analysis.

What we do?

Collect existing performance, fault and configuration data.

Provide a unified environment to integrate vendor specific data

Provide custom AI based solution.

RIS SVM based AI tool to:

analyze for failures and abnormalities

automate repeat issues identification and resolution

detecting malfunction and unknown issues

Pin point - What are the issues, Where are they located, What are the root causes and resolutions.