RIS Overview

RIS solutions helps to minimize the complexity, cost and skill set needed to identify and resolve application and equipment technical operations and business performance issues from across industrial, medical, network,health care and IT systems through intelligent and integrated AI based data and Image analysis.


How RIS AI can help

Analyze large and diverse set of contextual performance characteristics, alarms, faults, failures and in an integrated environment.

Automate repeat issue resolution through historical data analysis.

AI based image processing to extract actionable insights.


What we do

Provide a unified environment to integrate vendor specific data

Provide custom built AI based solution.

AI Image Processing

AI based IT systems and Network solution

RIS AI based solution



AI WORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO - State of the Practice of Enterprise AI Boston, MA December 11-13, 2017

AI World 2016, San Francisco,Nov 7-9. 2016